Top 10 Reasons Why People Want Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes

Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 01:36 pm

Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes

Cardboard pillow boxes have a unique outlook and secure the product because of their sturdy shape.  These kraft paper pillow boxes are suitable for all kinds of goods as well as decorative purposes for events. Pillow-shaped boxes can cater to many items such as food, candles, apparel products, cosmetics, shoes, jewelry, gifts, soaps, sports gear, and many more products. Several industries are nowadays using these kraft pillow boxes. Although there are many other varieties of cardboard boxes the brands who want to look trendy in the market, use pillow boxes as they are very much in fashion for packaging merchandise and gifts.

kraft paper pillow boxes


Apart from looking good and elegant, the cardboard pillow boxes are also amazingly practical.  They are convenient in carrying any kind of products safely and many things easily fit in their shape. It is not a very newly introduced packaging trend. However, it has emerged recently as a famous and desirable option for covering up products. These boxes are made from Kraft paper mostly with a surface material glossy or matt, as required by the producers. As it gives the products a catchy image, the other advantage is that people feel immediately intimidated that this product is something unusual.

The top 10 reasons that people want pillow boxes are:

1. Beautiful and unique pillow boxes for gifts

People want to surprise and impress their friends or family members by using an out-of-the-way style for their presence. Pillow favor boxes are picture-perfect for presenting gifts to loved ones or in some formal setting. Printed pillow boxes look very elegant for gifts.


printed pillow boxes


2. Convenient to use pillow boxes

These exceptionally shaped boxes are very convenient to store and transport. Whatever products are packed inside they will be safe and if the material of these boxes is quite tough they will be able to protect fragile glass items very well too with adequate cushioning.


cardboard pillow boxes

3. Personalized wholesale pillow boxes

Businessmen use these pillow-shaped boxes for their products and make them custom-designed by specialized packaging companies. These boxes are printed and labeled properly and the elegance is unexplainable. People can also order personalized pillow boxes for decorative use at different events. Business owners can save quite a lot of money through the advantage of low prices of bulk quantity boxes.


personalized pillow boxes


4. Various features involved in the production of cardboard pillow boxes

Different styles and themes are used in pillow box packaging. high quality and strong material can make these boxes exceptional for carrying a vast variety of goods. There are several choices of material, sizes, colors, and adoring methods for pillow-shaped cases.


pillow box packaging

5. How to get cheap prices and good quality pillow boxes?

It is your judgment how much you want to spend on the packaging material. There must be no compromise on the quality of the material but choosing the manufacturer well can out down the cost tremendously. Most of the manufacturers of custom pillow boxes quote a reasonable price if you go for a large bulk of boxes.




6. The functionality of cardboard pillow boxes

It is a double treat for customers as well as producers that along with its beautiful appearance, these kraft box packaging provide safety, class, and an expensive look to the products. in addition, they give full exposure to the product when the box is opened by the buyer.

kraft pillow boxes


7. Different kinds of materials used in Pillow Boxes

The producer selects the materials used in these pillow boxes as per their requirements. Kraft paper or simple cardboard are combined to form an inner protective layer as a strong outer surface. Pillow boxes are able to accommodate a lot of products at a time and they fit in small spaces easily. Retailers also prefer to display them in the front because of shelves because of the attractive shape.


pillow boxes


8. How to design Pillow Boxes? 

Pillow boxes are already a unique design and to maintain this uniqueness the manufacturers have to hire professional designers. Flower petal pillow boxes, tall pillow favor boxes, dome-shaped favor boxes, flower flap favor boxes, and many other ways to fold these boxes make them extremely vibrant and efficient.


pillow favor boxes


9. Usage of cardboard pillow boxes on several occasions

In different cultures pillow, shaped boxes are used as goody bags for celebrations and events. In European countries, chocolate-filled pillow boxes are distributed among guests as a token of thanks for participating in the celebrations. Many famous brands of chocolate also use pillow packaging boxes for making gift boxes. Due to their shape, they are assorted with ribbons, beads, and flowers as gift boxes to pair with greeting cards. 

pillow packaging boxes

10. Industries using pillow boxes for their products.

Pillow boxes are broadly used in cosmetic, medicine, gift-wrapping, food, and luxury decorations industries since these are very eye-catching and convenient as well as having an interesting shape. Fast-food chains, Chinese food restaurants, and other snack producers use these pillow boxes frequently. The distinctive designs of pillow boxes are always easy to use and form an impressive image of the people using them.



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