How Die Cut Boxes Are More Durable Than RSC Boxes

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 10:40 pm

Die cut boxes

Die cut boxes get their name from a die cutter or die press machine. This machine makes boxes out of corrugated cardboard. Die cut boxes may be cut into a larger range of shapes and styles due to the die press. Die-cut boxes may be cut to size for your product, spend less on shipping and there is no need for foam or another packing. These boxes also have double-padded walls, which provide additional protection for the products inside. These boxes have a high level of structural stability since the lids lock into place and the lids are normally closed with a tab.

Die-cut boxes allow companies to be more creative and fully personalized designs by enabling logos and instructions to be printed on them. Die-cut boxes give customers an experience. They can be personalized on the inside as well.

Die cut boxes

RSC boxes

(RSC) box is an abbreviation of regular slotted containers. The four flaps of this type of shipping box meet and can be closed with tape. RSC boxes are a cost-effective option because they don’t require additional tooling and use minimum cardboard. They fold rapidly, however they may require more tape to ensure structural stability while shipping. Because RSC boxes often have some free space around a product, you may need to add filler, paper, or another padding to keep it safe for shipping.

RSC boxes

Die-cut boxes are more creative than RSC boxes

The classic die-cut box and the RSC box are two of your choices when it comes to packaging your product safely and attractively. Both are good packaging and delivery options for any company. However, die-cut boxes are better suited to provide a complete protection solution for our packed item. people choose the most durable and stylish packaging.

As a result, several styles and shapes of boxes in different colors and types could be found on the market. The packaging trend has never been the same, and it has changed significantly over time. Die-cut boxes are the most popular, but each design packaging comes in a variety of shapes and styles.

Die Cut packaging boxes

Packaging has taken over in recent times. Business owners prefer to select packaging that is appropriate and ideal for their products. Die cut packaging boxes have a unique place among so many packaging boxes. One of the most often used product packaging boxes is custom die-cut packaging. These outstanding boxes are ideal for customized and expert use because they may be adjusted to marked measurements.

These boxes can be used to bundle a variety of different retail products that come to mind. Customers nowadays want product packaging that allows them to easily observe the goods. These boxes are ideal for meeting the needs of customers. Design them to meet your branding requirements and observe how gracefully they improve the appearance of your products.

Die cut packaging boxes

Material Used in Die cut packaging

Food, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, and other items are available all over the world. Different materials are used to make the various types of die-cutting packaging boxes. These materials have varied properties that make them better for certain types of products. Kraft paper, paperboard, fiberboard, clear plastics, and corrugated cardboard are some of the materials used in manufacturing.

Cardboard die cut boxes

The best thing about die cut cardboard boxes is that they may boost the value of your products by providing them a more appealing appearance. The contents of the boxes are easily visible to the visitors. These are typically used to store items such as cosmetics, jewels, and other high-value accessories. Furthermore, they are great in drawing buyers’ attention to the displayed goods.

Corrugated die cut boxes

Almost every industry makes use of corrugated die cut boxes. They’re suitable for a wide range of products and items, and they’re simple to ship. These boxes are made from plain sheets of corrugated material and are cut on a machine known as a die press. The corrugated boxes is also durable enough to protect the goods from contamination and other types of damage.

Different Types of Die Cutting Boxes

In addition to shipping custom boxes, die-cut box inserts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, these types of custom die cutting boxes attract a lot of attention from customers. Here are some examples of die-cut boxes.

Die cut mailer boxes

Die-cut mailer boxes are the most popular style. Boxes are made of one piece with a self-locking lid that can be opened and closed multiple times. These are ideal for retail box packaging and are in high demand. It is extremely beneficial to individuals who own an online business. You can also get an idea from the name mailer. These boxes can easily support multiple products.

Die-cut mailer boxes

Die cut gift boxes

Gift packaging is a growing sector that aims to improve the attractiveness, look, and value of your loved ones’ gifts. These die-cut packaging boxes are perfect for gift packaging and may also be used as party favor boxes. You can provide your guests with chocolates, sweets, and other treats. These die-cut printed boxes will make an impression on them that will last a long time.


Die cut gift boxes


Suite case boxes

Do you want to carry a self-closing box with a handle? The best option is to have custom die-cut suitcase boxes made. Suitcase boxes are used to pack and carry almost every type of product of any size. It’s really easy to carry and keeps your items protected. These boxes are ideal for children’s toys, promotional items, and footwear, and can be shipped without causing damage to the contents.

Suitcase boxes

Ballot boxes

You should all be aware of these types of boxes and the events that they are used for. A drop slot at the top of a ballot box allows people to submit contest entries and ideas. This box is ideal for any contest or election-related campaign. For events and trade exhibits, make small for a countertop or in a Stand-Up format.


ballot box

Tote boxes

Cardboard sheets are used to make tote boxes. They are easily folded and have a snap lock bottom that seals them without the use of tape or glue. The best feature about these boxes is that they can be shipped in a flat form. They’re also important in retail stores, outlets, promotions, and trade exhibits, among other places.

Advantages of die cut packaging

Here we will talk about the advantages of die cut packaging which are ordinarily used to improve the business, are as per the following.

Different in style and shape

These boxes are remarkable in style and attractive in that they convey likewise get sheltered in it. You can also get these custom die cut boxes in various types and plans. These boxes additionally draw in individuals at first sight and make them in vogue too.

Attractive color combination

There are unique and different color combinations and examples accessible in advertising concerning these printed die cut boxes. These boxes are very cheap in rates and very strong in holding the items. These boxes are not expensive, moderate in value and a private company holder can likewise bear the cost of these boxes very quickly. To make the item additional wonderful creators utilize trendy and reliable boxes for their use.


printed die cut boxes

Money saver boxes

Die cut boxes are formed in which your items completely fit flawlessly as contrast it with standard delivery box. The primary advantage of die cut boxes wholesale is to save your cash they are light in weight and you can fill it totally no space will stay. While shipping your items, any squandered space in transport, truck, auto, and preparation is minimally more than waste of cash they consider the weight, not the volume, and squandered space means wastage of cash. Spare your cash by the utilization of these in-vogue and alluring custom die cut boxes.

Customized in shape and sizes

There is a choice accessible to arrange your favorite design and shape pre die cut boxes from the trusted manufacturers. You may request changes as you are required to present your item in the showcase. You may likewise print your logo or organization name on it by choosing your favorite textual style.

pre die cut boxes

Durable and strong packaging

You can fill your items for delivery in these custom die cut packaging unreservedly without taking the worry from any sort of harmful items. These durable and secure boxes are caring for your items and these are exceptionally classy in look. These die-cut boxes are uniquely intended to fit any shape, size, or need which is dependable and direct in look also.


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