Make your own decorative cardboard storage boxes

Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 02:55 pm

Decorative Cardboard storage boxes

Who doesn’t love the idea of DIY projects and home decor especially if you have the supplies around the house or you have empty cardboard boxes lying around in the house? Although the internet is full of video tutorials and ideas to make decorative boxes and the videos show you an easy tutorial on how to create them in a short time what it doesn’t tell you is the strategies, tips, and tricks in detail that you have to read and follow step by step. Making decorative cardboard storage boxes is a fun way to put the empty boxes to use.

decorative cardboard storage boxes

Although you can get some great-looking custom cardboard packaging from the store around the corner what is fun in that? Make decorative cardboard storage boxes yourself through a very easy method and take out boxes you have been saving up for DIY projects for a long time.

Decorated cardboard storage boxes are fun to make, and decorate and you can gather the supplies used easily from a nearby store, and create lots and lots of projects with only a number of supplies. So grab your stationary, gather leftover crochet trips, and all spare things in your random boxes.

Making decorative cardboard storage boxes

We will be making 4 different types of decorative boxes which can be made with any cardboard boxes lying around the house. Pick a sturdy box with lids or flaps, or if you don’t have a box you can order a plain Kraft box or make one with cardboard through various techniques available online.

cardboard boxes

For making the decorative cardboard box you will need a few things, everyone has this stash at home where they store all lace cuttings, cute leftover fabric pieces, and crochet trimmings left from a craft project, you can use all those in making storage boxes in this project. The rest of the supplies you will get to know during the storage box-making project.

Decorative cardboard storage box 1

The first type is a plain cardboard box or you can also use the custom printed cardboard boxes from groceries and milk cartons as well. This one does not need to have a lid on top; if you have one then that is a plus. Start by checking if the surface of the box has any tapes or if it is broken from anywhere and make sure that it is completely fixed and the surface is smooth before you begin.

Take a geometrically patterned fabric in earthy tones because storage will ruin the lighter colors. Put glue on the edges of the box and start sticking the fabric on it leaving the very edge of it. Once the whole box is covered (you can cover the sides and leave the bottom) it is time to neaten the trim, put glue on the edge, turn the fabric inside as if you are sewing it stick it on the box, and keep doing until the sides are complete.

Now take two strips of the fabric or a different colored fabric, fold in the fabric from the sides, and stick it on the sides, from the inside of the box to make two handles.

custom printed cardboard boxes

Decorative cardboard storage box 2

In the first box, we have used fabric for the decoration and customization but in this custom cardboard box design, you have to use a very thick sheet of printed paper. Measure the box and the sides carefully leaving the extra paper for folding inside. Now, start with the sides and wrap the box leaving enough paper to fold in on the sides and on the bottom of the box.

Fold in the paper inside the box from the edges and now fold from the bottom like you are wrapping a gift. Now on the sides of the box cut two ovals wide enough to pass your hand through them comfortably, stick the paper that comes out, and neaten the edges of the oval. You can make these boxes in assorted colors.

custom cardboard box design

Decorative cardboard storage box 3

When you are making DIY projects and you are mostly recycling things, for making storage boxes out of wholesale cardboard boxes you can also use another thing that is readily available, which is newspapers! You don’t have to make them look old and boring, wrap the box in a newspaper or as many as it takes, now take some lace or lace fabric and stick them on the edge of the box very neatly, and store old clothes, rolls of fabric or crockery in the beautiful storage box!

wholesale cardboard boxes

Decorative cardboard storage box 4

Idea number four is different and slightly difficult, yet interesting. For this, we need rope, a very thick one and a box, and an old sweater. Take the box and put lots of glue on it leaving a space of about 3 inches from the top.

Put lots of glue and start sticking rope around the whole box until you reach the end of the box, the bottom. In the area that is empty on the top, cut 5-inch strips of the old sweater and stick it completely on the area left around the edge, the leftover 2” fabric will go inside and will be stuck.


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