How to Design Unique Wedding Favor Boxes?

Last updated on October 10th, 2023 at 12:35 pm

Unique Wedding Favor Boxes

Favor packaging is an art that not everyone possesses. One needs to be really good at it to make the favors the way that they are remembered for a long period of time. Such unique wedding favor boxes are done with delicacy and care and a lot of things are there to be remembered. The most important thing of all is to know the event and to know the kind of people attending it. Once you find that out, you can begin thinking about how to incorporate the event theme into the tiny little favors for the guests attending the wedding.

unique wedding favor boxes

Making favor packaging takes more time than making a larger box because details are there and they need to be put a lot of attention into because the favors are for everyone in the wedding and everyone gets to hold them and see them up close including the people who are critical of everything. You have to please everyone and make everyone happy with the packaging. There is some great inspiration out there on the internet that you can totally use for motivation and for inspiration. Find the ideas that you find most suitable for the event and begin working.

Make unique favor boxes

So everything is done on time and not many days before the big day, this one thing can drive anyone crazy, but there is something very important that still needs to be designed and determined, the unique favor boxes for the guests attending the wedding. While you can easily find many ideas online through some popular sites where you can get a lot of inspiration, there are things done your way, and those things should be designed and determined according to your event.  Here is how you can stay calm and design your own wedding favors:

unique favor boxes


Don’t go for less than your full potential

We know that there is a simple and common choice of design for the cardboard favor boxes such as inserting a ring on top of a square or rectangular box but there is enough for you. Even the boxes set in a tuxedo and a wedding gown are very old ideas. There are some types of people who will not be surprised when they find them so go for the most interesting choices.

Whatever the case, what about a beautiful box shaped like a bird? If your theme is a garden, don’t go to the flower boxes at the top, everyone has done that and that’s a very old idea, put a small crown in the box instead. Such ideas will cost you the same money but will not be expected, and guests will be surprised and happy!

cardboard favor boxes

Play with themes and opportunities

You have enough time before the event, you don’t need to waste time and wait until last week to find the paper favor boxes with which to start working and design today. Browse the internet, find producers in the country, talk to them and discuss ideas, order samples to find out about their services and whether they can be trusted and hired, and just start work a long time back so that if something goes wrong you don’t think about postponing the marriage.

paper favor boxes

If the theme of the wedding is to be decided, work on the favor boxes and arrange the theme together so that you can use the time effectively. Find themes online, analyze them according to your needs, make changes, and have some options in front of you before choosing one. Never hesitate to try other bold designs, whatever you want can be done but go boldly and try and you will end up with custom boxes that no one has ever seen.

Decide your budget

Everyone works on a specific budget and you should also have a budget for custom favor boxes so write it down and calculate how many boxes you need and the budget you have, how many you can make of those. It is very important and this step cannot be skipped.

Who is attending?

The design, which depends on the budget and the theme of the main event, also depends on the type of people that are attending the event, See if you have the kind of people attending who might extract some wrong ideas or get offended by the design. Do not copy anyone’s design or they will be easily recognized by one of the guests.

favor box packaging

Working within budget

The wholesale packaging manufacturers always work within the given budget and make slight adjustments in the design and material leaving everything exactly the same. Buy favor boxes wholesale from the wholesalers at bulk prices.

favor boxes wholesale

Trial and error and choosing from multiple options

Never complete one design as soon as you are done with it. Get a bunch of custom favor box options and have enough to make a choice from. If you design one box and take it with you, you will soon want to change it when it is too late.

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