10 Reasons Why Custom Gable Box Packaging is the best option?

Last updated on October 5th, 2023 at 12:20 pm

Custom Gable Box

Many factors contribute to making custom gable boxes attractive and user-friendly. Generally, they are involved in gift packaging, but they have a vast range of practical usage in all areas of life. Although gable-packaging boxes are usually thought to be made of paper that is bent into the shape of a box adorned with handles, these boxes greatly impact people’s minds.

Gifts wrapped in gable boxes speak volumes about the feelings of the presenter. If you keenly observe the buyers, you can see that the products packaged in gable boxes have a divine earthy feeling that is unexplainable.  


custom gable box



When we discuss innovative packaging trends, the only thing that rings a bell is the Gable packaging boxes. Manufacturing firms often prefer them because of their unique handle design and upright standing position. They have a special place on the shelves as well as the display counter due to their distinctive style.

They look proud of themselves and provide the same image for products inside. They have a different way of expressing a wide variety of emotions. Gable boxes reflect strength, affection, beauty, elegance, pride, class, and tenderness. The products encased in these boxes will instantly capture the respect of a buyer.

Increased value of the products

If you want to make your newly launched product, cheap Gable boxes are your best friend because they have the ability to multiply the appearance value of a product. Customers will surely inquire about this new item for sale in such an exclusive packaging. The most interesting fact is that most of the gable box designs do not even cost that much. The return will be threefold than the investment if these special boxes are used.




Safe delivery of manufactured goods

Protecting a particular item and making sure that it reaches the customers in excellent condition is the basic aim for all manufacturing companies. No matter how the box looks if it is not able to secure the product inside, it is useless in the eyes of a buyer. Therefore, gable packages are the best choice if you want to display the goods in perfect shape. 

Superior place in stores

Exceptional boxes can provide premium stocks in the market as well as an exclusive place in the shops. If you display your product in these heavy duty gable boxes, the shopkeepers and retailing giants will automatically put your products in the front to grab the attention of buyers. As they want to give a high-class image of their stores.


heavy duty gable boxes


The density of the cardboard is perfect for all products

The products, which require a thick outer layer because of their weight and size, can be accommodated by these outstanding gable boxes. However, the chunkiness of the sheet used in the boxes has a range of two hundred and eighty to five hundred and fifty grams per square meter. All the varieties of goods can be packaged in cardboard gable boxes because they offer standardized strength and style.

cardboard gable boxes


Immaculate finishing quality is provided on gable boxes

Any type of finishing material is easily applied to custom printed gable boxes. Modern technology, bright or dull colors, and high-quality layering is provided with these heavenly boxes. A wide range of finishing strategies can be implemented on these boxes, for instance, embossing, spot UV, raised ink, matte or glossy surface options.


Glamorous handle

Consumers love to carry these handled boxes because they do not need to carry them in shopping bags. It is called shopping with style. The most confusing thing is whether will the handles be able to carry all the weight inside the box. Yes, they are specially designed to have so much strength that the box will remain safe for a long time.

handle boxes


Perfect for all types of gifts

These delightful boxes are a treat in themselves. Moreover, if you get your gift wrapped up in a charming gable box the receiver will is provided feel special. The out-of-the-box feel this pretty box creates is quite ironic. These boxes come in all sizes to fit all kinds of lovely gifts for your loved ones and friends.

In style and elegant for daily use

Custom printed gable boxes are very striking for all ages of people. Daily use products if displayed in the boxes will gather a lot more people than ordinary packaging boxes. Think of a tea pack in the shape of a gable box, who would ignore its elegance? If the price were not too high, that would be the only tea sold in the store.

gable boxes


Highly affordable boxes

This type of box is available through wholesale suppliers quite easily. Wholesale gable boxes are quite cheap and their low cost attracts all the manufacturers. Nevertheless, you have to design these wholesale boxes very carefully. Ignoring the design procedure will make them useless for sales.


wholesale gable boxes


Convenient For Usage

Why are they convenient? His question seems quite odd when you look at a gable box it is instantly clear that carrying them and keeping them in closets, cabinets, shelves or automobiles is very convenient.


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