10 Best Creative Ideas about Custom Handle Boxes

Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 06:47 pm

Custom  Handle Boxes

Creative and innovative ideas in packaging are what is needed to turn to package into something that makes a product a best seller. Talking precisely about custom handle boxes, these boxes have been around in the packaging industry for a while now. The boxes with handles attached as part of the box are used for carrying heavier products.

They are mostly used in electronics and appliances that are bigger in volume and are comparatively. However, there are ways you can sneak in some ideas to make these boxes more purposeful and fun for packaging and customize them a little more.


custom handle boxes


The best use of handle boxes is when the product needs a lot of support is heavy and it has a large volume. This is when these boxes with handles come to the rescue. The boxes that already have a handle as a part of their build are very strong, but they not only serve the purpose of giving complete security to the product, but they also let the product look great in its packaging. You can also add customizations to this type of box and change how it appears according to the product type; this box has a lot of potential in the packaging industry.

10 best ideas about boxes with handles

1. Make them lightweight

One super useful idea for the custom handle boxes is to make them extra light in weight. Because the main idea is to carry heavy products in these custom handle boxes, if they are lightweight on their own, they will not add further weight to the product. Many materials can be layered up to create sturdy packaging.

2. Use eco-friendly material

Make eco-friendly boxes with handles. The boxes and the handles are the same sheets continued, you just have to ask your manufacturer to use eco-friendly materials that are safe for the environment. Such materials are recyclable and the material is easily accessible. It leaves a good everlasting impression on your customers and buyers and your product will be hit.


eco-friendly boxes

3. Make cost-effective handle boxes

Making cost-effective handle packaging boxes means using materials such as Kraft for making the boxes. Kraft does not cost a lot and has a lot of benefits. It is sturdy and is available in a variety of thicknesses. Such boxes are very useful and they are used in more than just electronic appliances and heavier products.

4. Use irregular and unique shapes

You don’t have to stick to one particular standard shape for making the boxes with handles. You can be creative and think out of the box and create another type of box as well. Go creative with shapes and think about the type of boxes that no one else has made so far and attract more buyers to you.


kraft packaging boxes


5. See-through handle boxes for gifts

Making boxes for gifts is an exceptionally creative idea because gifts need to be very presentable and eye-catching. You can make great gift boxes from the custom printed handle boxes. Your gift boxes will have a built-in handle and they will be loved by the receiver of the gift or buyer of the product and will look great!

6. Custom assorted handle packaging

Handle packaging is no wonder quite useful even without all the customization but a little customization can go a long way. Make the boxes in assorted colors leaving the shape, size, and printing design exactly the same, just go for a different color and give the buyer a new approach at product packaging. Add a flare of variety to the packaging.


printed handle boxes


7. Glossed-out handle boxes

Handle packaging can look glorious and legendary by just adding a little thing to the box, making the custom cardboard packaging of the handle packaging glossy and plain, and go for only a logo and nothing else on the box, the grace of the logo and gloss will make the product look royal and most wanted by everyone.

8. Foiled boxes with handles

Gone are the days of printing and stickers, go for gold and silver foiling on the box. Whether it is an electronic item or something of the nature of a gift, foiling goes all the way. You can choose between gold or silver foiling or you can also select shades of gold and find the perfect one for your product.

9. Window cut-out boxes for product display

Let your product peek through the box and get a custom window cut out on the front of the handle packaging. The product peeks from the inside making buyers more attracted to the product will work great for products of all types. Custom window cut-out displays always look great on boxes of all types and for all products.


window die-cut boxes


10. Festive customized boxes with handles

Does your brand manufacture packaging for the festive seasons? If not, you should get into festive packaging and make special holidays more special and make the packaging festive so your product gets the opportunity to be picked up as a perfect gift for the festival. Festive packaging can have shiny prints and decorative add-ons, to begin with, and can go on.


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