How Handle Boxes save your products and time

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 01:25 pm

Handle Boxes

Boxes that have special abilities and special features such as a handle to accommodate the safety of the product and add ease to its use are always very successful. Boxes that have handles are not just used in one or two types of product packaging but they are used across products of all types. Such handle boxes are very convenient and are not less than the second name for convenience. Product safety and saving time are two main benefits of using boxes with handles.

cardboard handle boxes

Whether it is some delicate product that is supposed to be kept safe, or it is some product that is of a large volume, all of them have somewhat the same requirements from a packaging point of view. They need to be handled with care; they need to be able to move safely around with zero risks of damage and waste of time.

For such products, custom cardboard boxes with handles are the best as they have a handle on top of the box, or on the sides to carry products that are sensitive to heavyweight products with ease and also provide convenience.

Why are handle boxes so useful?

Handle packaging is one of the most basic forms of the packaging box. If you think about it, boxes and packaging were initially invented to keep the goods in place, keep them organized, and safe, and make them easy to carry around whenever needed. The addition of a handle on the box whether it is on the top or on the sides is an innovative upgrade that allows products of large volume and size to be carried easily and using the least possible labor in case the volume is too large.

Small but heavy objects that are too heavy to carry, are also carried safely in the custom handle boxes. These heavy objects other than being a problem in carrying, also need to be safe and for that the boxes with handles are great. You can keep them anywhere and you can use them in any way, reuse them, store them, and stack them and the product inside will be safe and safely moved from one place to another.

custom handle boxes

Types of handle boxes

There are no specific types of handle boxes however people do have different designs made for them. Depending on the industry it is being used in, the custom boxes with handles are customized in shapes and sizes of many types. When we talk about a box with a handle or two handles, we usually assume a square box in a khaki color or natural Kraft color, which is also one of the types but the types are not restricted. The boxes with handles are made in hundreds of types such as:

So there is not one decided style or type of the boxes with handles. Merchandisers can get a handle on top of the box for gift boxes, have handles on the sides of drink boxes and storage boxes, and have differently made structures, customized colors, textures and finishes, and so on. The main idea is to have a box with an actual handle that is used for convenience and extended ease.


Such boxes are manufactured wholesale and you can get these made in a variety of ways. Depending on the industry it will be used in the boxes and does not cost a lot if made in bulk. The cost is also reduced by replacing the material it is made with, with something cheap but long-lasting and durable. Kraft and cardboard boxes with handles are great and carry handle boxes for merchandise.

custom handle boxes

Uses of Handle boxes

Uses of the boxes with handles are not restricted to product packaging. They are widely used in organizing workspaces, warehouse storage, and office supplies storage, and of many types, packaging, food industry, electric appliances, moving, and in much more areas. The shape and features are favorable for most needs. Along with having a handle, these boxes are quite sturdy because they often carry sensitive products. The handles make it easier in that regard but the structure must also be made according to what it is being used in and should be perfect in all aspects such as color, design, and size.

food boxes with handle

Customizable Handle boxes are loved all around the world

You will witness seeing custom handle boxes all around the world because the uses of these boxes are many. Get some changes made in the box according to your needs, get your logo printed on them and you have a perfect box for your product. The sense of product safety, sturdy packaging, great packaging design, and packaging box structure is everywhere. Every single industry wants something safe for their product to save time and the product from damage providing its maximum safety. 

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