Where to buy Custom Mascara Boxes at the discounted price

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 01:42 pm

Custom Mascara Boxes

Buying custom mascara boxes for an existing brand or buying them for a brand that is already established face two different types of challenges. One brand that is yet to be launched has expectations for its product and its success and such brands are in a very sensitive position because when the product is out in the market and no one likes the new brand it starts struggling from the very beginning. Compared to that an already existing brand is always looking for better and cheaper options for their packaging boxes and what they are looking for is to evolve.


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Looking for cheaper options for custom mascara boxes means compromising on a lot many things altogether. When you are buying from China thinking they are offering better prices than the retailers and wholesalers in your own country, you are clearly not calculating the risks it involves and the amount that is certainly not just the price of the boxes.

The buyer has to pay in a lot of stages until they get their product delivered, and no matter how much you are ready to pay you can’t guarantee the quality, safe delivery, and delivery on time so it is a bad idea.


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You are not being discouraged to not look for better and cheaper options but what is important is to understand the needs of your product and then work accordingly towards the packaging. For the start, work on the demographics of the buyer, see what other products are out there that are similar to yours, and then see what people want more from them, give them through your own custom mascara boxes.

Secondly, every big and small brand has a certain budget for the packaging, what is your budget, and how many wholesalers are giving you services in the given budget, are you getting enough product margin in that packaging budget or would you like to save more? Once that is answered as well, start talking to the wholesalers and manufacturers and get the samples from all of them.

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Buying Cheap Mascara boxes

It is not easy for a new business particularly a makeup manufacturing brand to be liked by everyone in the very beginning, there is only an initial hype and then you are down again, that time comes for all makeup brands new and old so work on your packaging design and as soon as the hype goes down because that will surely happen, evolve! Change the packaging and introduce another special limited edition mascara packaging or get the packaging boxes printed for the upcoming season such as fall.

Every time someone buys your mascara and then runs out of it, when they visit the store to get another one, they will be surprised to find your new packaging according to the current season and makeup lovers do love that change!

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The difference between cheap and expensive boxes

When you are out to get new boxes manufactured or designed from scratch for your new brand, you have to know the difference between good and bad quality, they have a visible low-quality impact on your notice, so never take your quality so low and always invest in good quality printed mascara boxes because it elevates the quality of your product and the way people look at your product. Your display rack or display box should also engage the buyer and encourage them to get the mascara off their dreams.

Cheap boxes will make your brand look bad and cheap, good quality boxes will make your makeup brand and your mascaras appear promising. If you are not providing good quality packaging but your product is great, it is useless because no one will try it or want it because of the poor packaging. Everyone wants shiny and great-looking packaging for their makeup and mascaras.

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How to get good-quality mascara boxes and pay less

Get the packaging done from the closest possible manufacturer preferably from someone within the same country, the boxes will reach you faster and they will not cost you so much because most manufacturers are not asking for shipping charges. Secondly, get them made with good quality yet affordable packaging material such as Kraft and your custom mascara packaging will look flawless.


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Packaging options and designs for mascara boxes

You have the option of using half plastic and half Kraft and making the kind of packaging where there is a cardboard sheet with all the printing and the mascara is attached to it covered in hard plastic. If you are making premium mascara, go for a box because you need to show off your brand more and make people curious about what is inside the box. Luxury products and premium items are to be kept away until the buyer buys them.


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What type of boxes to make if the brand is selling through e-commerce?

Mascara packaging styles are limited, but you can create and design something of your own and then get it manufactured according to your customer’s taste. Consumer mostly wants a very expensive-looking box at a very reasonable price so keep your product more towards the premium side.


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