Top 7 Common ideas about Custom Printed Kraft Boxes

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 02:14 pm

Custom printed Kraft boxes

Do you use custom printed Kraft boxes for the packaging of your merchandise? Are you a small-scale business that believes in no compromise on quality and you also want to keep the cost of production of the packaging boxes in control? Try Kraft packaging and you will be able to save up a lot in your budget. Kraft material not only helps merchandisers save up on a lot of their budget but it also enables them to produce quality packaging and encourages small and large businesses to use eco-friendly material rather than materials that are harmful to the environment.

custom printed Kraft boxes


Every business always needs to evolve in its product custom printed Kraft box design. Even large enterprises and multinational brands are always working on evolving product packaging.

Big brands like Nestle make changes that are not quietly visible to their consumer but when you compare one of their product packaging from 3 years back to that of today, you will be amazed and you will ask yourself when did this happen? It happens with all brands alike and every business must keep working towards better growth and quality to keep the buyer interested in their product for a long time.

custom Kraft boxes

Kraft boxes have always been loved by communities for their very good properties. Kraft is very user-friendly and it does not harm the environment because it contains zero percentage of plastic, you can burn it safely and discard it and it will not cause harm to the environment in any way. It is economical, eco-friendly and it is highly customizable making it one of the most suited materials for product packaging. Having said that, custom Kraft boxes are also quite lightweight, which is a bonus. You can utilize Kraft in product packaging in many ways.

Here are the top 7 ideas for Kraft boxes that you might want to know!

Use its natural color as a benefit, Kraft packaging boxes have a very beautiful color of their own, they look great the way their color is due to the way it has been manufactured. Kraft’s original color represents organic and safe living so it matches with all types of products especially if you are selling organic anything.

Kraft sleeve boxes 

These are low cost, unlike other materials, if you get the sleeve boxes or just the top sleeve made of Kraft even with customizations, etc, they will still cost you very little. Try ordering it from your own country and you can save further on shipping taxes, and customs duty, save up money, and create beautiful Kraft sleeve packaging effortlessly.


Unique in style

Match the theme of the product with the packaging through the use of Kraft. Kraft takes all colors and custom punches and embosses very well, so go fearless with design and customize wholesale Kraft boxes all you want. The theme can easily match the packaging because Kraft has a great surface and is built to take customization and look good, so it performs like a canvas in most cases.


Product packaging design

Use the product as a filling for the design when you open a display window in the packaging. Like if your product is made of apples or if it is an apple juice box, cut out an apple from the packaging and make the juice complete the picture by filling the apple cut out.


Kraft boxes for Food

Use non-toxic ink for food Kraft packaging boxes because food gets in direct contact with the packaging box if it touches the box and the ink contains traces of toxic it can harm the consumer. Make assorted boxes and change the colors of the Kraft food boxes for variety in the food packaging.


Print the logo on the box

Replace stickers with embossed or gold-foiled logos on the boxes for a more professional look. If your boxes contain plain stickers then they look like they are bought from some random shop and then later on stickers are added to the box, but when you print the logo or emboss them, it reflects class.


Reusable packaging boxes

Reusable packaging ideas work great with Kraft presentation boxes or packaging boxes. People love using the large ones for storage around the house or garage so give them built-in handles that they can press and the Kraft sheet pops out revealing already-made handles in the boxes.

Craft tips and ideas

Give craft tips and ideas to make a DIY project inside the Kraft packaging for any product. Once the box has been emptied, the consumer can find the marks lines, and guidelines inside the packaging box, once they open the entire box the instruction for reusing the box into a craft candle holder or an organizer can be found.


Make Kraft gift boxes for festivals and holidays that are specially designed for special occasions. Make the buyers make your brand their first choice for holiday gifts by making your product packaging design in such a way that they buy your product and it is ready for gifting. No one likes lots of hassle in holiday seasons so give people an idea and be a part of their celebration



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