Present your Wedding Cards in Custom Invitation Boxes

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 12:43 pm

Wedding Invitation Boxes

Festivities of weddings begin right from the moment the wedding cards are sent out. People around the world who receive the cards start sending in their wishes as soon as they receive the card. Whether you are sending a paperless or a digital card or you are sending a beautifully designed wedding card, the sentiments are always the same. Everyone wants their cards to be the best in every aspect; you can get the wedding cards made by wedding custom invitation boxes wholesale and stun everyone with the gorgeously designed wedding cards like no one else and make them a part of celebrations

custom wedding invitation boxes


Wedding invitation boxes wholesale is a new-age take on wedding cards where gorgeously designed boxes are made instead of cards. Everyone wants their cards to be special and perfect and everyone wants to make something newer and better than the rest. Although these card boxes look very expensive and beyond the budget of many, wholesalers have found a way to make it possible for everyone to get their card boxes made on a budget without spending a fortune on them. Get gorgeous cards and card boxes made on an unbelievable budget and let everyone know your big day is here!


wedding invitation boxes wholesale


Why card boxes?

A long debate can be initiated on the topic but a very simple reason why custom invitation boxes are the most suited for wedding invitations instead of flat cards is that the flat cards can’t hold special surprises inside them for the recipient such as a customized candy bar or a tiny trinket. This makes the boxes a better choice than the old-age flat cards. You can have better space for customization than in flat cards and you can easily get the wedding theme displayed in the box much easier.


custom invitation boxes


What makes the wholesale wedding card boxes just perfect is that the person who receives the card can feel the sentiments of the sender and feel like a part of the celebration.

Inspirations for wedding card invitation boxes

There is a lot you can do in terms of custom wedding card boxes and play around with the design and customization. For the start, most weddings have certain elements of vintage so one can go safely with the vintage theme and use lots of embellishments such as old rustic charms, shabby printing, bespoke borders, etc, and give the wholesale-made boxes a handmade impact.

Other than that one can always insert chocolates that are customized on the outside, add trinkets especially for the recipient family and you can also add gifts like scented candles and bespoke items that you know the family loves.

You can go for a personal theme using the pre-wedding photoshoot of the couple on the invite. There is a lot that can be done with the custom wedding card packaging.


custom wedding invitation box

Things not to do in wedding card boxes

Although custom wedding card packaging is made with love and care and after a lot of trial and error and lots of selection of the right color, material, and customization some things are still not done appropriately. For example, the wedding favor boxes or the cards must never be done in an alow quality, there can never be any compromises made on that. To ensure that you are getting the best quality material you have to go to a very experienced manufacturer and select from various samples. Always get sample work done before you place your final order. Manufacturers love to help you out and facilitate you with your various requests before you place your final order.


wedding card boxes


Another mistake is to spend a lot when you know that wholesale suppliers are making the same and sometimes better quality things at a better price. Always check options and explore before you finalize.

Theme and embellishments

There are far more themes you can do in a wedding card box than in simple flat wedding cards. You can play around with movie themes, nautical themes, fairy tale themes, etc as well as the beach, snow and so much more. When you have the right designer and manufacturer to design the custom gift card boxes you can play around and create personalized themes for the boxes easily. Get inspiration and create something one of a kind.


wedding invitation boxes

Card boxes deliver sentiments better

Indeed, the wedding cards are usually found in a stack of old papers in a garage, on the other hand, a card box receives much more respect and attention and is talked about for years and years. It delivers sentiments better and the moment the receiver opens the box they immediately know that they want to be a part of your special event. 

custom wedding card boxes


Wholesale card boxes will make the recipient feel special

The receiver of the card box feels happy to receive a box of invitations that feels nothing less than a special gift. As soon as they open it, the customization and invitation stun them. Go for a light inside that turns on as the card opens or a fragrant card box that takes them to the event as soon as they open it.


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